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Hard Body Training for Women - Med Ball Throws


Christian, could you please elaborate on the different medicine ball throws in this program? I know this has been asked before but I didn’t find the answers particularly clear or definitive. I tried to ask again on that thread but have yet to get an answer.


Which variations do you want me to explain?


All 4 would be great. They are:

medicine ball throws, wall slams
overhead medicine ball throws (which are in a contrast superset with eccentric push presses)
overhead medicine ball throws, push press action
medicine ball slams (although I’m pretty sure I’ve got this one as it seems to be the most universal)

I am pretty familiar with medicine ball throws but there does seem to be a lot of variation in terms so I want to make sure that I’m doing the right movement at the right time.



just bringing this back to your attention


I could still really use a response…


Sorry about the late reply. I was in Singapore and Hong Kong for seminars, lost track of some things.

Medicine ball throw wall slam: stranding up, throwing the med ball from the chest in an horizontal push toward a wall in front of you. Of course you need a very solid wall :slight_smile: Alternatives are doing the same throw but without a wall, in which case you will jog to pick up the ball between each rep. Or do the chest throw lying down on a bench, throwing the ball in the air.

Overhead/push press action medicine ball throw: Imagine doing a push press but with a medicine ball, and releasing the ball so that it will go as high as possible. Don’t try to catch it, let it fall in the floor, and pick it up between reps.

Overhead throw: similar to above but without using any leg drive.