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Hard Body Training for Women and Indigo-3G


Hey Folks… I’ve been reading this forum trying to figure out the best way to pose this question.

I’m an athletically built girl about 5’11 and 190lbs. I’ve been lifting my whole life through sport requirements and after college I started crossfit. I’m pretty well versed in what I need to do in the gym. Recently I’ve gained about 15lbs… I’ve always been comfortably at around 175lbs. This 190lb thing is B.S… and it’s all fat.

I was really burnt out on crossfit, and a recent move and renovation had me all out of whack. I’ve decided to go back to my lifting roots and try the Hard Body Training for Women. I figured if I was going to take this seriously then I should seriously consider taking some of the supplements that Coach Thibaudeau recommended. I’ve ordered the Plazma and the Mag-10 and today was my first day taking them in conjunction with my early morning workouts.

I’ve been reading about Indigo-3G and I just don’t know if it’s right for me. It’s fairly expensive so I don’t just want to buy it on a whim. I’m not doing any kind of competition prep, I don’t know what a “pump” is nor do I really care if I feel one during my workout, I don’t know that I want to carbo load in order to see big gains. I think the Plazma and the Mag-10 combined will help me feed my muscles to get stronger… really I would be using the Indigo-3G to help me convert less of what eat into fat in order to aid in my overall slimming down.

I’m honestly just a supplement rookie. I’m getting confused about when to take what and then when to eat what. Some of the information I read is contradictory. Any advice or guidance would be amazingly helpful.



I don’t know the answer but if you move this thread over to the Biotest Forums they will.


I don’t know if you moved this post already but I’ll answer it here… For what it’s worth, indigo 3G is by far the best nutrient partitioner available. I’m fairly insulin resistant, if that’s such a thing, and, with indigo 3G, I can eat about 400 carbs a day while leaning out in the process. It’s been a huge game changing supplement for me. I’m 52 and in single-digit body fat percentage.
Yes, at the current prices, it’s not cheap. You could probably get away with taking fewer than six capsules a day, but it all depends on how well you respond to carbohydrates and how many carbohydrates you currently consume. If you have normal insulin response, and can handle carbohydrates, it’s probably not as necessary for you as it would be for someone like myself. However, if you’re going to take multiple doses of plazma, the carbs can really add up and to ensure they go to muscle stores rather than fat stores, indigo is golden.


By the way, great choice of programs. It’s my go to with the majority of my female clients.


Thanks so much for your response! I didn’t move this thread… just copied and pasted over to the Biotest Forum… figured I could get some information at both places.

The hard thing I’ve been dealing with is that my diet was such shit for so long. Not eating crappy… I’m pretty health conscious about 80% of the time. I was just eating too few calories. For years I told myself (and was told by others) that 1200 calories was my benchmark. I was maintaining 175lbs for years eating about that much. Now in the past year I’ve gained about 15lbs and I know it’s mostly fat because I haven’t been doing great in the gym.

So now that I’m really ready to buckle down and get serious, I want to make sure I’m eating right… so, as terrified as I am to do it, I’m increasing my calories. I just worry that I’m going to shock my body with an extra 500 or so daily calories. Also worried that after years of dieting, I’ve done irreparable damage to my metabolism.

Indigo seems like the way to go… but I just don’t want to be one of those suckers. I’m totally new to supplements, so going from not using anything to using three is a little overwhelming.


As far as being “one of those suckers” I feel you should have no worries about that. Years ago, when Indigo-3G first appeared, it came with boatloads of scientific research backing it.
However, maybe you can try the two supplements you’ve already purchased and, once comfortable with that combination, add Indigo-3G if needed. It would definitely help. I don’t work for the company so I can’t guarantee it but, if I did, I would give you your money back if it didn’t work.