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Hard Body Training for Women, Advice


I am just starting the hard body training workout for women. workouthttps://www.t-nation.com/workouts/hard-body-training-for-women

I have 3 questions that I could use some opinions with…
Ive not worked in this rep range on squats before. I have already large assets- hourglassy type figure, and do not want it to get bigger. I would like to drop a about 2 pant sizes overtime actually. Do i need to worry about it getting larger during this workout? Looking to get more cut and athletic looking.

The second is in relation to running. I have been running my whole life currently i have been doing 2 days of 45 minutes and 3 20 minutes sessions of HITT a week. Id like to keep my running in for enjoyment. i get grumpy and feel lost when i dont run. At the max how much could i keep in without it being detrimental? Thinking of making everything HITT sprints.

Power clean from the hang- I want to make sure i am doing it right and get some assistance from a friend before i incorporate heavy weight into it. In the meantime i wanted to do a alternate. I was thinking of doing 2 handed kettle ball swing overhead. If you have any suggestions to follow i would appreciate it. I am practicing the power clean from the hang at home.

Thank you very much,


Frankly speaking, I can’t advise you something, but I’m very glad that you want to start training. Your health is in your hands. All the best for you :slight_smile:


Firstly if you’re going to do the hard body training for women I suggest you follow the program accordingly. I wouldn’t try throwing Olympic Lifts in there, unless you’re doing some other type of strength training program. Maybe on a rest day try practicing the Oly lifts (that’s what I do), to rack up on intensity. As for the cardio, if you’re wanting to maintain muscle or gain muscle, while cutting down fat, cut the cardio waaaaay down. Walking is better than running, and there’s a lot of tnation articles that help explain. 30-40 mins on every other day, more so on rest days with varying degrees, is all you need. I really wouldn’t try to couple the hard body training with the amount of cardio that you’ve listed. You’re going to seriously burn yourself out. And believe me, your butt probably isn’t as big as you think it is, and while training it’ll usually sharpen up and look nice either way so don’t worry about that.