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Hard Body Training for Men?


Hi, CT.
I’ve used your hard body training for women with female clients in the past with tremendous success. I have a male client who I think would benefit from the structure of the program but I’m having a difficult time working in the benchpress and deadlift using your parameters. ( extending the training cycle is not a concern. I understand we won’t be able to get these additional lifts in, along with the pump work and conditioning, in a seven day span )Would you care to share any thoughts on how I may go about this? I’ve been plugging away at it for a couple days with very little success on my own. :confused:/
Thank you in advance.


Why do you have to include these two lifts?


I guess I don’t have to but I’ve seen firsthand how drastically the targeted areas improve on the women I’ve worked with and was hoping to bring up his chest and add thickness to his back as well.
I know there’s more than one way to skin a cat… but I was hoping to come up with something that keeps with the spirit of this program.


Replace the heavy push press with the bench press (you keep the slow eccentric push press so you still have the overhead work) and replace the heavy squat by deadlifts and replace the slow eccentric squats with slow eccentric front squats.


Thank you. Much more streamlined and elegant than what I was coming up with. Much appreciated.


Think of it this way: the worst way to adapt a program is to add stuff in. That almost never works unless the person has great recovery capacities (or a lifestyle conductive to easy recovery)… and even then, that normally works only for a brief period of time.

So normally when you adapt a program you must trade stuff in and out. So it becomes a matter of spotting what you can take out without losing too much. But what you take out has to be equivalent (or close to it) than what you add in… You can’t take out biceps curls and add in squats, both don’t have the same overall impact.