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Hard Body Training for Men + Olympic Lifts

Hi there Christian.
I am wondering your thoughts on implementing the olympic lifts into the Hard Body Training programme. I was thinking perhaps as the explosive work at the start of days #1 & 3, perhaps Snatch on the lower body and jerk on the upper body day. Wonder would you have any thoughts on this or would you think there is a better way to implement the lifts into a programme like that. I am certainly a 2A - enjoy explosive work, but enjoy a little bit of bodybuilding work where can feel the muscle working. Look forward to your thoughts & thanks in advance.

The program has a lot of work already. Do not add anything to it. If you want to add olympic lifts you will have to remove something of equal body/CNS impact

Thank you Christian. So I guess the only way to make it work would be to replace the squats/push presses or select a different programme?
Alternatively implement into the explosive day (#6)?

Changing a complex program is not something I like to do. It would be much smarted to build something different.

Ok no worries. Thanks for your time