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Hard Body Motivation

I am extremely excited to see the “Hard Body Training For Women” article!! I’ve never seriously lifted weights until recently and am honestly a little nervous about the future. I want and need to achieve my goal of being mentally and physically stronger! Do you have any advice on self motivation before I start your training? I don’t have a strong support system just harsh criticism. I’m motivated right now but know the days of discouragement are going to happen. Thank you :slight_smile:

If your friends are the ones criticizing you, you need new friends.

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Just get it done. Motivation is nice but discipline gets results. Motivation will come and go. You brush your teeth every day, do the dishes, laundry… You ever feel motivated to do those things? They need to get done. That’s what needs to be in your head.

Every once in a while picture yourself in 6 months to a year after good diet and training if you need a reminder

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It makes sense and maybe that was a dumb question to be asking. The hardest workouts I had was in the military and they pushed me so hard which I think is motivating. Now trying to do it without a push can be rough. Sometimes I need someone screaming at me and kicking my booty in gear!! I do need to picture my goal and suck it up.

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I need some motivation myself too. Hope I get it here, from people who love to stay healthy.