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Hard Body for Women Program Exercise Alternatives

Hi Christian,
I have read everything you have written for the past 10-12 years. I love your insights and ideas.
My wife and I did the women’s hard body program a few years ago. It was great and yes I did it all…I am very aggressive and love challenges.
Question: What do you think about incorporating negative single leg squats for the regular squat? Either for 2 or 3 sets,and the remainder being the regular negative squat?
Last time we did the program I did single leg squats for the negatives after week 5 and I felt great… My squat strength improved a lot.
Also, Would it be just as productive to use dumbbells for the overhead press version? I can overhead press my body weight…
And lastly, why the jumps after the bike and regular body weight squat? Wouldn’t it be more productive to jump first after the bike?

I have also done your 5 star program and loved it and the Beast program… both really got me fit,
thanks for your help

I don’t see a problem with that. as long as you emphasize the eccentric using a squatting pattern.

If you use a full range of motion, DBs are just as good as barbells. In some regards they can even be superior. The only issue is when you can use very heavy weights it can be hard to bring them to the starting position and to lower them down.