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Hard Body Challenge

For those that read my post about a new inferno challenge. Well Phill left a response that made me think, why does it have to be just a cutting thing. Well here is my proposed idea for the contest any feedback or +/- feedback is greatly appreciated.

Phase 1: Bulking
Who can gain the most the most lean muscle with the pictures and stats to prove it? Three finalists from this stage are chosen.

Phase 2: Cutting
Don’t quit now if you werent chosen, you will have a chance to show your body off after a cutting cycle, Three finalists from this stage are chosen.

We could then have a board wide vote on the best finalists of the six, judging like a bodybuilding contest. We could even get the Biotest columnist and workers to choose the winners. THere could also be awards for the most improved, etc. We could make this the major event of the summer on T-mag, especially if the new supps come out at the time the contest starts/runs. WE need to get all of the rules etc together, and all agree on them, and we can get this show on the road.

sounds good to me once again but I am on a little bit of an early start here. But I would enjoy watching this, and will help as I can.


anyone? just trying to make a differnece in the T-nation

thanks for the reply, we need more support though, if some1 wuold jsut reply with their thoughts, positive or not

I’m game. Let’s get it on!

Sounds like a darned good plan… But what about supplement usage? If one guy is bulking on food, and protein and thats about it, he will most likely not bulk as much as a person using certain ‘illicit substances’.

So should we have categories, or is it an open forum?


well i believe if we had enough people that were on “supplements” then we could have a seperate category, if not then it could be open. I think it would be a good idea for every one thats using to at least tell people though.

bump for the night crowd, mayb some will read this

i’m up for it, depending on the T&Cs; if each phase is of reasonable duration, [ie month(s) rather than week(s)]


I’d definately like to participate in the cutting phase. Count me in if you get the support!

sounds like a good idea, already three weeks into bulking phase, though. when do you plan to start?

what supplements are allowed to be used. I say a free for all considering you can’t drug test or monitor use. also you need atleast a 2 month duration considering that body transformations take some time. laters pk

I am in for the cutting phase. It will be a good thing to keep me motivated.

I’m in for the cutting. Would be great motivation. 8 weeks sounds about right to me.

Count me in for the cutting too.

I’d be up for the bulking. I’ve just finishing up my cut this week and my ab skinfold is 6 mm. so I doubt it’s getting much lower.

I am in the same boat. I am currently three weeks into a PH cycle bulk but would be game if you all o.k.it. If the bulk goes longerv than my cycle I will simply keep going natural and get fatter and fatter, LOL. until the cut phase. I agree on the couple month atleast for each phase thing.

Lets do this.


I think you could get T-Mag involved if the prize package was relatively small like supplements or maybe a jacket.

thanks for the response guys, i emailed them about sponsering this and i havent got an email back yet, but i think they would be more than willing to offer a small prize such as supplements. I think the phases should be at least 2 months a piece, but we should all agree on something. And I also agree that roids should be allowed, since we can’t test for them, so we wont know anyway. We could set a point that you have to be entered by, and you would have to have ur pics and stats up by then. Do you think one or two weeks from now would be good?

hey i got an email back from T-mag, i just didnt notice. the said quote : Drew, If you can generate the interest, I’m sure we’ll be able to help. Keep us updated!. I am emailing them back about a prize package, which would definitely bring in more interest.