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Hard Body Challenge Sign UP, Are you Up To It?

Hey this is the rules and sign up page for the hard body challenge.

Phase 1: Bulking
Length 2? Months approximently, official dates to be announced.
Rules: Sign up here by next Friday. We will make a seperate thread in the pics section for everyone’s before pics. This should give everyone time to get them made. Any supplements or steroids are allowed. I cant test for this, so i figure this is the only fair way to it. At the end of the contest everyone will post their new stats and pics. Three Finalists will be selected from this, based on the amount of lean body weight gained, and the amount of progress you made. Who votes on this is yet to be determined.

Phase 2
Cutting Phase
Starts when the bulk phase finishes. Same rules apply to the bulk, except that the finalists are determined by being ripped in general, not on how much you weigh or how much weight you lost.
You must sign up by the week before the bulking cycle ends, and have your pics by the time the bulking cycle ends.

So everyone thats up to it, sign up and good luck to everyone. Dont worry about ur pics at the moment, i need to see how many people are going to be competing in the bulk cycle.

T-teen drew signing out

I’m in and my pic are allready up. This will just lenghten my bulk.

Can you compete in one and not the other? I’m planning on bulking from june through dec of this year, obviously taking it at a slow pace, so I’d be in for phase 1, but don’t want to compete in the cutting phase

What type of pics are we doing? Just a front shot?

Just a little note I think the reason for starting this thread was to have a spot for sign up purposes only if possible. Making it easier to sort out who is in.

Refer questions on the contest to the original thread. here:

It will just make it much easier to keep track of things. If I am wrong in my thinking then FLAME AWAY. :slight_smile:

Have a good one all, I’m out.


Could we possibly re-think the steroid thing? I want to compete but I will be going the drug-free route and don’t see having much of a chance against someone who is assisted. Plus, I can’t think T-Mag would endorse a prize package if drugs are involved.

I’m in. laters pk

thanks for the help phill, i think all questions should go to the original forum. But to answer them here, yes u can compete in one phase and not the other, but thats less chances to when the prize and get that hard body, but we all go our own routes and i cant force anyone to do anything. And as far as the pictures, i think a back, front bicep, front muscle or watever its called, and at least one of your legs.

I think this would give everyone a fair judging, but flame away if im wrong. And the reason im saying u can use roids, is because i cant make some1 not use them. Its not fair to assume that some1 is on them either. So, post any ideas that you would think would help in the original forum please, and we cna decide the minor details there.