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Harassed by 5-0 and not a criminal

How many of you have had this happen:
Last night I parked in the fire lane at my apt. complex and forgot that I parked there. I’ve done this a few times before, and nothing happened. I was about to go out to the clubs and party when I saw a cop car with its lights on outside my window…
Shit. I forgot I had parked there. I went up to the cop car and said to the 2 cops inside, I believe I need to move my vehicle. One of the cops said you know it is illegal to park there? I said yes sir I understand that, please allow me to move my car. He said you’ve done this before haven’t you? I said honestly sir yes I have. The other cop says: What the hell makes you so special that you can park here? I said, forgive me sir, I know I have a responsibility to not park here. He said, if the building burned down, it would have been your fault. Then the other cop says to me have you had any violations for drugs and alcohol before? Give me your ID, go wait in your car while we run your tags…
Are you gonna park in the fire lane again? You better not, we’re right up the street and we’ll be watching you…
I just didn’t understand the condescending tone when I was polite and non-confrontational. I was completely cooperative and nicer than I should have been. I knew I was in the wrong and I admitted it and apologized, but these 2 guys were so rude to me. I was just wondering if this was typical…

That happened to me before. One of the guys that was with us was pissing in the parking lot. I had no idea he was pissing when the cop walked up. He said why are you pissing in the parking lot. I said, theres nobody pissing in the parking lot. He jumped down my throat, said i was calling him a liar. I honestly didnt know he was pissing. Its funny now but it wasnt then because i was drunk and this cop was very, very large.

This sounds like something that my wife would do and then wonder why she was being picked on by the police. I wonder if it is a hormonal thing? The sign didn’t say reserved for Bionic so just don’t park there! If it did say reserved for Bionic and someone else parked there you would be irate. Its a fire lane for crying out loud!!!

easy there buddy. i am human i do stupid shit sometimes. i was in a hurry many a time and didn’t give it a second thought. i know that i was in the wrong, won’t happen again.

they probably had every right to give you a ticket or whatever else they could have done, but they decided to let you off. since they were going to let you off, they had to atleast be rude to you. what do you want more, a ticket or a rude cop and no ticket?

A word of advice when dealing with cops. Never admit to anything else. The “Have you been drinking tonight?” say no. “Have you parked here before?” say no. They want you to admit to more shit. Next time just get into your car and move it. Always bring out the “I want a lawyer” thing. These people are power hungry. Don’t give it to them.

My Grandfather has been partially disabled my entire life. I can not count the number of times I went someplace with him and he had to park in a regular spot and walk twice as far to the door because someone was just ‘running in quick’ or ‘was in a hurry’ Sorry, you should have gotten a ticket, and I would have no sympathy if you had gotten towed. I have good friends who work as EMT’s and they have plenty of examples where an Ambulance couldn’t get close enough to a door because someone decided that it would take to long to park in a correct spot. “Nicer than you should have been”? Well, they didn’t give you a ticket or tow your car, so you should have been VERY nice, you were the one in the worng and shouldn’t be bitching about it.

Yeah thats the way most of them are. Whenever they pull me over in my truck they always give me a hard time about do I have alcohol or drugs etc, they search me search the truck etc. Just because I’m a teenager with a nice ride it gets the wrong attention from them, I just shrug it off and say do what you gotta do.

3 words, michelle, you’re absolutely right. i guess i might come across as “bitching” about it, and i also was looking for what people would have done in my case. i was very lucky that i didn’t get a hefty fine. my late grandfather at the end of his life had a similar set of circumstances as yours, so i do understand where you are coming from. my apologies for coming across as if i was in the right.

Bionic - ok then grin Anyway, the best thing you can do is be polite and truthful, especially when you get caught… I got out of a traffic ticket by telling the officer exactly how fast I was going. He reduced it from a few hundered dollar fine and 6 points to running a stop sign. They were probably being rude to get the point across to you (and you won’t be paring there again, now will you?)

Like most humans, cops are pack animals. Had it been one cop, he probably would have not been rude. In either case, it pays to be nice to them. I know of people who, through an arrogant attitude, have had to pay thousands of dollars to get some “stretched” charges thrown out. All in all though, I would rather have cops than not have them. I wouldn’t want their job, esp. in some of our cities.

This is why I hate cops: I was at a college party a few months back, and the cops came to stop the party, I was drunk and saw the cops so I decided I was going to walk home and get out of there, as I am leaving a female cop grabs me and starts asking me who owned the house and all this crap, I said I didnt know, and I started to walk away from her, I guess she didnt like me snubbing her so she runs at me, while I am walking away and no one is around and starts spraying mace in my face! I freak out cuz my face is burning and she told her partner that I was being drunk and disorderly! The guy cop handcuffs me and they take me to jail for the night! This was also in Canada, where people are not very confrontational, and the cops are supposed to be friendly!

Cops see this kind of thing all the time and it pisses them off. Just like it may piss you off if someone came into the gym and did something inconsiderate because they did not know any better. They did not think it was worth writing a ticket over, but they have pet peeves at their jobs just like you probably do at yours. If you have ever worked with the public, their will be things that many do that piss you off, the cops just get to tell you about it. I have been chewed out before myself, much better than a ticket. Dont let it bother you.

Steve? You hate cops due to one? She was a female, so why not hate all females? My point is that it doesn’t make sense either way.

Cops like them make other cops look like jerks. That’s why I want to be a fireman. Every fireman is a hero.

To stevenR. That story sounds like so many other bullshit stories I have heard. You have told about half of the story, if even that much. I am sure you didn’t act like a druken asshole, get loud and insultive, give physical clues as to an impending assualt, or even grab or push the female officer. I know that she just sprayed so that she could lose her piss-poor paying job to harrass some college frat prick. It is people like you that really piss off cops like me, I would rather deal with a crackhead or gang member any day than a self-important snot nose brat like you.

Cops are assholes. I blieve you have to be a genetic asshole to even concider becoming a fucking pig. They harras you for nothing while somebody does a hit and run on me and the mutherfuckers do nothing. I generally wish the police alot of pain. They harras ordinary citizens, but don’t give a shit about the real criminals. Those peopl who hurt others…I could go on and on. I have been harrased enough by those cock suckers for absolutely no reason, that I could spit. They are useless.

Yeah pat, those asshole cops that died on 9/11. Or the those that die every year and leave kids and wives or husbands behind. You wish them pain? You know how many cops die trying to separate a violent husband from a beaten wife? How often do you go out and do that? How many times have you sat down with those bloodied and confused women to try to change their minds and get them to leave. How many times have you been attacked trying to get a drunk driver off the road? How many times have you been jumped from behind while searching a house? How many suicides do you show up to? How many parents of those suicides have you had to hold and try to comfort? How many times have you been spit on, puked on, bled on, and cussed at for trying to “be a good guy?”

I see why your name has only three letters in it Pat…you couldn’t spell anything longer. Mace this moron ViceGuy!

Well look at it this way bionic, you wont be parking there anymore, so the police officers did there job. You probably have to understand that the average person they deal with isn’t as nice and courteous as you are. Also imagine how many liars they deal with in a days time. I can almost promise you it was nothing personal just accidents happen you know what they say acknowledge and move on.