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Hara's Log


Moving my Log here so I can eventually post some videos etc.

Here's what I've been up to.....

Today was cardio and core day.

posted 12/30/2008 at 07:39AM

Chins bw x 19
flat dumbell press 65,80,90,100,105x8,110x4
weighted dips bw,45,90x8,100x5
military press 135,185x8, 200x6

This felt pretty good. I know I still have alot in me and as I continue to eat clean and keep all of my other vices in check the numbers will go up. My rep goal on push day is 8. 4 is my gate rep...if I can't get 4 reps the weight has to go down. So where numbers fall short of 8 I will continue to hit that number till I reach the rep goal.

posted 12/29/2008 at 07:29AM

Eliptical Warm up
BW Chins x18
Squat 45,135,225,275,300x8
SLDL 225, 295x8
Leg Extensions 50,70x20
barbell calf raises 135 x 20,225 x 13

Decided to just stay with legs after some crisp deep squats. Feeling very strong and may shoot for a push, pull ,legs routine instead.

posted 12/26/2008 at 07:55AM

Eliptical warm-up
BW chins x 17
Deadlift X 225,315x5,365x3,405x3
hanging clean military press 135x6,155x6,175x6,195x6

Starting to warm my body up to the idea of pulling again. Presses felt easy so I ran with it and went heavier than planned. I'm going to alternate heavy and light pulling weekends so I don't burn out.

posted 12/17/2008 at 06:43AM

Eliptical warm-up
BW chins x15
Squats 135,225,275x8
SLDL 225, 275x8
Seated Row 180,230x8 (tough)
Flat Dumbell Press 75,90,100x8 (easy)
Military press 135,195x8 (tough)
Weighted Chins bw 45x 5, repeat x 4 (these felt alot harder than they should have)
Olympic bar curls 95,105x8

Got a good sweat going. chins were much harder than I expected. Not a terrible start...on to the workday.


There’s a raw meet coming my way near the end of Feb. I’m going to make this my warm-up event bench and dead in the sub masters. I’ve always been a single lift (deadlift) guy. This year I’ll try benching…something I haven’t done in close to 2 years.

Saturday is bench and deadlifting day.

Bench 45,135,185,225,250,265x4 ,275x3 (last rep was a crawler)

Deadlift 225,315,365,405,455x3 (these felt good…really tight form. I’ll build from here)


I now remember why I stopped benching so long ago…My shoulders feel like crap.

Eliptical and lots of ab work and contemplation on how I’m going to do this meet. JM Blakely once wrote an article about specialization and how it was better to do one thing really well than just be average or slightly above average on many things.

I was fortunate enough to meet him in Ohio many years ago where he quite flatly told me “you’re a deadlifter, if you hate benching don’t do it…there are plenty of benchers out there”

Let the pulling begin.


hey H…
Solid #s and nice to know you’re still around.

A 600lb unequipped deadlift @ 180-190 is a goal of mine as well so I will be following your log.