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HARA 50+ Powerlifting Log

Hitting 52 this Fall and scheduled to compete in late Sept.

I’ve spent the last year being mean to my body practicing BJJ. The injuries are all healed up so getting back to my happy place prepping for a meet. My conditioning is on point and I’m sitting at 192lbs. Tested my lifts last week and worked up to a 9RPE on Squat (395) Bench (300) DL (500) OHP (245)
Primary meet goal is to walk into181lb class without an extreme cut. The meets are fun but I get more fulfillment watching my training progress.

I’ll be using the full body routine that has worked well for me in the past. It’s bits and pieces of principles I’ve picked up over the years and thrived on. 3 training days that all include a main lift, supplemental lift, and accessories. As I get closer to the meet, I’ll just be squatting ,benching, and pulling “korte3x3” style. off days will be conditioning and small BB stuff if needed. Weekend heavy day training will be at a local gym (SQ / Deadlift), with all other sessions in my basement gym. I have a beach vacation planned this summer and will have access to a solid gym so training shouldn’t slow down. Here we go…


Welcome back…stranger.

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Day 1 Wk 1

Deadlift (heavy no belt)
475 x3 sumo (smooth)
495 x1 sumo (fast)

Speed Conventional
315 x 8 singles at 20sec

Light pause squats
275 3x3
225 5 singles at 20 sec

Felt particularly dialed in this morning. Solid start.


Day 2
Bench press paused doubles worked upto 275
Back down sets at 225

OHP worked upto 225x5
Dumbell clean press 40lbs 4 sets of 10
Dips 2x25
Light band rows 3x20