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Happy Veteran's Day


22 veterans commit suicide daily, as they have managed to screw up va health care. A local kid 37 did 2 tours in Afghanistan 8 years service, was having debilitating head aches hearing voices.

Went to va for help and they told him to come back in 6 weeks, shot him self earlier this week. Wife just found out shes pregnant .
Government more concerned about arming iran than spending money on health care and counseling for the guy’s putting life on line.
On top of that they are letting refugees in making it harder for them to get jobs. When they come home

But several restaurant chains are offering free dinners for vets with your id or dd214. I just got a 25 dollar steak dinner free, then i dropped the server a 20 dollar tip.


So sorry to hear this. The lazy bastards! It just burns my ass to a crisp, when I call the VA for my dad and the recording says, " if this is a medical emergency please hang up and dial 911. If you have mental health problems, or are thinking of hurting yourself please hang up and call blah, blah, blah." Sorry sons a bitches. Have they ever thought that maybe it took all the courage that person had to call in the first place. Grrrrrrr!!~~ They told my dad they don’t have an Advair inhaler. WTF? How in the hell can a pharmacy not have medicine? The whole VA thing is a SORE subject.


I can’t express how disgusted I’ve been with the VA (and TriCare, although less so), while being extremely pleased with certain individuals in it.

I was pretty banged up after service, so much so that I was going to be removed from combat arms position to a desk, so I opted for discharge.

The VA was basically so worthless, even for service-related injuries ( follow up on burns, in my case), I simply opted to pay my own way and get private care. I couldn’t be driving to El Paso (or Big Spring, TX) and sitting around for two days. My job would have become getting medical care. Fuck that.

It’s a completely empty promise and a betrayal of those who served.

I am not a Trump fan, at all, but if he drains this swamp, whatever else he does will be worth it.

It also stands as a living example of how badly government-run health care is.