Happy Valentines Day

Hope you all have a good one. I’ll let you know how mine went tomorrow:-)

No love on Valentines Day. That’s wrong people…just plain wrong.

You can be my snuggle-bitch.


Say it ain’t so!

I can speak to my dog and see if she’s interested Wideguy…

Wideguy, Valentine’s Day was made for getting laid! Take your woman out to a nice dinner, buy her some flowers, then take her home and bang the shit out her! The woman are ready to go on that day :wink:

Seriosuly, do women think we’re interested in flowers, feelings or dinner?!?

Jesus. Thank god I live in Alabama… Atleast you can tell a woman she’s wrong the correct way here.

Fuck that. Valentines Day is such a hallmark holiday. Who really cares, the girls that get all bitchy about it like: “What!?! You only got me flowers?!?!”, need to take a pill. It’s one day out of the year!

Bro it’s the thought. If your intentions are unappreciated your wasting time with the bitch. “You just got me flowers”. Pssh, that’d be her last.