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Happy Valentine's Day

Started my happy V-day around 1:00 last night. We’ll see how the rest of my day goes, but since it’s chest and back day I’d give it an 8 so far. A great 8 :slight_smile: Hope everyone has wonderful day and night.

Was it with the lady you described in the most recent thread? If so, way to go.

I hate Valentine’s Day.

that is all

I just got in the biggest fight ever with my old lady. The shit I got her is going in the trash.

No, but I’m going tanning later today.

Iron, will you be my Valentine?

Okay, what’s going on Wideguy? You actually got through a post without any obscenities. Is everything alright? Are you feeling okay? See…now I’m worried.


Thanks for that…you made me smile.

I think my dislike for the “holiday” is the pressure to do something at a given time. I just hate being told what to do. Does that make sense? When I love someone…they know it each and every day of their life.

Amen Alicia! Commercial crap tellin me that I’m supposed to buy all this crap just cause its Valentines day.

I admit that every once in a while its good to renew the love and all that. But don’t make it so that if I don’t buy a dozen roses, I’m an ass.

Love is for everyday :slight_smile:

yeah v-day sucks my ass.

its a conspiracy made up of females around the states in an effort to get free shit.

no man gives a shit about v-day. but you better watch the fuck out if you dont take your girl to dinner and get her some chocolates.

v-day does kinda take the spontenaity out of romance. Kind of a stupid day really. I think acts of thoughtfulness mean a lot more when they are unexpected.

Yeah Valentine’s Day is the gayest holiday. If I ever do get another girlfriend, I’ll probably just tell her I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Plus who wants to go out when most all other couples are going out, its going to be crowded and make me even more impatient. But that’s why we are having an anti-valentine’s day party tonight, except somehow a couple or two is coming with us, I hope they hate it as much as I do.

Oh one more thing, I hate it when people for no reason tell me “Happy Valentine’s Day.” I never tell people that or Merry Christmas or Happy New Year. If someone says it to me I might be like “you too” or something like that.

Valentines Day is all about money! Business wants as many holidays as possible which creates reasons to make a purchase, which raises corporate revenues. Granted women don’t mind this holiday one bit, but they are not the primary movers behind it.

Yeah, Valentines day is primarily promoted by jewelers, florists,and chocolate companies. However, so are most holidays. Let’s not forget what this day is really all about, hot raunchy sex. BTW chillin, you need sound like you need to follow your name sake and chill. You don’t say merry christmas on christmas?

I suppose Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and even Arbor Day should go in the same boat then. I mean you should think of your mother or the men that died in all the wars we fought more than once a year. So I guess picking one day is kind of bullshit.


No holiday is “all about money” if you don’t fall for it. Steal some fucking flowers from a grave on the way home from work if you’re too cheap to drop a $10 bill at Safeway.

On second thought I’m going to start drinking egg nog in July, put up a tree on Easter, and dying eggs on the day after Thanksgiving. I hate having to give thanks on the 4th Thursday of November anyway.

Not about being cheap-t’s about being manipulated into feeling guilty enough so that you have to buy or “steal” flowers. Won’t be manipulated…not for me thanks.

I like to show my wife that I love her each day. It’s not about having money or a lack of it. Money does not buy love, it only buys things. While these things are supposed to show your special someone how much you love her, I don’t need (and in fact resent)any business attempting to raise their corporate revenues by promoting this nonesense.

If you love someone, really love them, show them in some way each day. Does not have to be a big deal, but that gesture will be a big deal to them.

And hey don’t forget she has a birthday each year where you can do something special-If the marketing executives were aware of when your girls birthday was they would be all over you! Haha…

Don’t you feel manipulated into doing something special for her birthday, or Christmas, or your anniversary too?

It’s just a holiday. You don’t have to take it all that seriously. Those DeBeer commercials for diamonds send some pretty fucked up messages but you don’t have to believe them either.

I just never “got” the manipulated feeling people get about this holiday above all others. There are expectations on the other holidays as well, except maybe Arbor Day or Boxing Day.

I get flowers on other days, just regular old days. I do other things too. I just don’t see that it’s such a big thing to fulfill some pretty low expectations of an effort on V Day. A card (didn’t get one this year), flowers, a bottle of wine (of which you get to drink half), and a chunk of decent chocolate isn’t that tough to pull off.

Of course you get a card…and why? Because you have to…think about it.

By the way, Christmas is a celebration of Christs birthday. Several other holidays also have true meaning (to me).

This morning I was gonna post about how this day reinforces the fact that some of us are losers whose current relationships are with a political economy thesis, which puts out less than a nun…

But then a buddy and I went to a steakhouse and got where they had a “couple’s discount” for v-day. It was about 50%, so we said we were gay. Couple pork chops, couple steaks, baked potatoes, broccoli and about 12 yuengling’s between us and everything half off, I’m not complaining.