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Happy Thanksgiving, All! What're you doing?


Everyone should post a picture of before and after scale weights...Fuckkkerrrssss


Thanksgiving dinner at the cousins. Hopefully my 6 yr. old son won't try to stab his cousin with a fork this year.


I put in work in the gym this morning, attempted to eat breakfast, appeased the locals, then threw down at the chow hall. Just woke up, so it's almost time to put my legs to work!


Hitting the gym then watching some football. The shitty thing is I'm in Turkey yet I can't find a turkey... isn't that ironic, don't you think?


Dude, the Great Oak fields are so much better. Seriously though, I might have knocked on your family's door- I spent six months and knocked on a lot of homes.


Today is a rest day (normally my busiest day of the week) so I slept in, will go to friends house for food, then sit back and watch the Texas Aggies beat up on tu.


Great Oak is really nice but playing at Margarita is tradition man! Isn't that what thanksgiving is all about? :slight_smile: you might have gone to my families house (especially if you were up in the neighborhoods by Margarita rf and Rancho Cal




Spending time we the family, getting ready to eat and have an awesome back workout & then eat some more...and football of course


You can not pull the "HELLA FUCKING COLD!" card when you live in California. Haven't you seen push's screen capture's of how cold it is in Montana. It was the third coldest place on earth here the other day as well, and I still saw people out running.

You Californians are kind of wimpy.


Btw,its 26 Celsius here in Houston. Ya'll Northerners Jelly?


You're the first American I've ever seen use Celsius.


Have you seen Inglorious Bastards? The scene where the English guy is caught by the German Officer? Whenever I tell people the temperature,that scene plays out every time. its kinda funny,lol.


Ha, yeah I know exactly what you're talking about the ordering of beer with the hand. You're originally from Canada or elsewhere?


I was born and raised in Houston,Texas. My school district strictly taught the metric system along with the American system.


Something similar use to happen to me. I went to a grade school, junior high and high school where the computers were easily 90% mac (all coincidence none of the schools were from the same area).

When I started uni in 2004 I was like 1 of 3 people in res who had one and people would ask me why the fuck I would buy one. By the time I graduated it seemed like every other person I would see in the library with a laptop had a mac.


Already had Thanksgiving lunch with mom and grandparents at a restaurant. Now back home with nothing to do. :-/ No desire to watch football today so I might go to the movies later.

Edit- wound up going to Tilted Kilted to drink mass quantities of Arrogant Bastard and stare at hot womenz.


Go see Unstoppable. It's one of those movies that is just a fun watch because you can't take it too seriously.


Thanksgiving=Best training day. Big Food+ Big Nap+ Big Football...


Over here it will mostly be getting ignored. This saddens me.

Not because of any cultural niceties, but because Thanksgiving on American TV shows always has amazing looking food in plentiful supply. I'd just love to sit at one of those dinner tables after a big squat sesh.

That and the fact that I've never tasted pumpkin pie. You just don't get them over here - making one myself is on the to-do list though.