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Happy Thanksgiving, All! What're you doing?


Hey, everyone. What will you be doing and/or eating for Thanksgiving?

We're keeping it simple since we want to take it easy this year and skip all the specialty cooking and traveling. We've done way too much cooking in past years. This year we're taking our 3 year old daughter to see Tangled and have a rotisserie chicken with home-made mashed potato and some roasted corn on the cob.

Oh, and it's still leg day for me and we'll also catch some football on tv.


Going back up home to Temecula. Having thanksgiving at my brothers house. Every year all of our buddies get together thanksgiving morning for a big football game... So I'll be playin in our annual Turkey Bowl tomorrow morning, then my bro and I are on turkey duty while the womens cook all the sides.

I'm pumped for the 'bonus' 3rd NFL game tomorrow... Cincy and the Jets. It's gonna be sweet


Nice, up until a few years ago our buddies used to get together at Jesmond Dene Park and have a Turkey Bowl too. Last few years, everyone punked out and we haven't been able to get one together since. Sucks!


I'll be studying. There's a pound of ground chuck in the freezer that I'm going to thaw and make some hamburger helper. Then I'm going to jerk it to porn and go to sleep.



Chillin with the Fam back at home....keepin it simple


Hitting the gym early (chest n' calves!) then heading out to Long Island to the Folks' with my pup in tow (girlfriend will drop by later). Both of my brothers will be there with their respective pooches, and I'm sure there will be begging a plenty 'round the dinner table from our four legged friends as we carve our first ever Turducken :slight_smile:



That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

Ummm well it is going to be cold as fuck tomorrow morning/afternoon, so no Turkey Bowl, no bags. Instead one of the guys is bringing the new NHL game for PS3 so I'll be gaming with that with some people, then watching some football, then eating. Sounds good to me.


Oh yeah, Stu mentioned the gym! Forgot... before I game I'll be doing 10 sets 3 reps on the back squat, 3 sets 3 reps on the front squat, some heavy military presses, some chins, some push-ups, some prowler.


No gym for me tomorrow.. I hit it today extra hard to make up for tomorrow binge eating. Did my normal chest day and then threw on my weight vest and did 4 circuits of dips, pull ups, thrusters and then pushups... I already feel like I earned my feast tomorrow lol


Me and my wife are going to my parent's house.

My grandparents will be there and my Aunt and her wife. (<- Makes for some awkward holidays)

I'm gonna lift before we go and after we get back.

Cause I'm gonna eat a shit ton and drink as much wine as I can before my wife tells me to stop (probably like a glass...... lol!)

I bought this ridiculously expensive gourmet dessert... my family better like it or I'll charge them each $5 for putting me in charge of dessert and then hating it.


Nadam se da zavrsite mrtvi.

Cheers, govna!


Not that an American holiday would cause closure here but wanted to say my gym is open 365 days a year.

I get to train on Canadian Thanksgiving, Jesus's birthday, the day Jesus got 0wned, New years eve/day, labour day. :smiley:




where do you live? Do you play in the games down at the great oak fields? I played there last year! What the hell!


Is it me or is thanksgiving boring?!?!?! Watching Football is as boring as watching paint dry lol. The only Sport that is spectator material is BATTLE BOTS

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo3zWxO3yYs !


Mine's open 365/24/7 closure only during rain. Of course it's my back yard...
That said, a holiday training session is kinda a tradition to me. I've actually trained, HIIT for half an hour, then attended a Turkey Bowl once. Never tried that again.


weight circuits in the morning.
Taking thanksgiving as easy as possible. My mom is sick this year just the family and the grandma.
I'm eating turkey, some creamed onions and a piece of pumpkin pie. Or maybe pumpkin ice cream.
Pumpkin dessert still undecided.
Then wind sprints in the evening probably on the treadmill in the apartment complex cuz the gym closes at two.
No outside running it is HELLA FUCKING COLD!


I have football practice in the morning. We, my high school team, is in the Semis right now, and we are playing an old rival, so I am quite excited. Plus, this will make eating all that food much more satisfying.


Gym,then cooking the Turkey,Then clenaing my room for my cousins to sleep over. Were going to be drinking most the day as they are bringing the Vodka and Fourloko. Not sure what were doing later that night but I promise a girl at work that we'd go to some sale at Metropark at midnight.


Watchin the Cowboys with my pops, nothing better than father son football traditions.


Hahahahaha I live down in San Diego... But I'm from temecula. My whole family all still lives there... We play at Margarita Middle School