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Happy T-urkey Day!

Just wanted to say happy thanksgiving (I’m glad I am on a bulking cycle right now!) to all and how thankful I am for a great magazine like T-Mag. So he is a big THANKS to all the T-Mag staff and contributors for being so generous with their knowledge and keepin it real!

Good Call snippdawg! Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Everyone should post some of the reasons they’re thankful today. Me? God, family, a wife that looks good in tight jeans, T-mag, and the turkey and football coming this afternoon!

Happy Thanksgiving! Me,I am thankful to eat alittle dirtier then usual today! Haha all jokes aside, i am happy to have a great family,great friends,my health,and a good job…

Happy thanksgiving all. My thanks are for a good family (even though they are 16hrs away), a festive feast I made for myself and hopefully some great football games.

Have a great one all, time for me to eat my one man meal.


Happy Thanksgiving all. I’m thankful for my family and being in good health. Thanks to T-mag for the knowledge and making it free, thats always a big help;)…

Happy Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my awsome family and loving wife,my health and T-Mag family for their support in my training and others in their training. Dig in, be fat and happy! Dont forget about our dedicated troops around the world. They are the reason we can celebrate this day the way we would want. Thank you.