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Happy Pills - Advice Needed


So I have the opportunity to get some so called "happy pills" from a Dr. I've been seeing off and on. Never would have really considered taking anything like that before, but now I am.
Long story short, I don't want to put anything in my body that's going to require an adjustment period going on, or going off. from what I can tell anti-anxiety pills are alot less of an ordeal then anti-depressants.

so anyone with ANY advice/experice with these please let me know your thoughts.

P.S. to be completely honest I don't feel I need them whatsoever, the only reason i'm considering taking the prescription is for recreation.


impotence is not fun


What is the pill your trying to get?


I am guessing you are referring to anti-depressants as happy pills.

Anti-depressants have an adjustment period much like any other drug.

Anti-depressants have ZERO potential for recreation. Anti-Anxiety pills such as xanax could be used recreationally but addiction is quite easy to succumb to due to the fact you will have a prescription for them. The withdraw from most anti-anxiety pills are considered WORSE than heroin withdraws...


Just score some ecstasy instead.


you're going to need to identify a particular pill.


Anti-anxiety medication can be habit forming. I would never suggest someone take E but if you're considering anti-anxiety pills for recreational purposes there are better drugs to take.


i do not think his doctor has prescribed a particular pill yet. i was on about.com looking up depression and apparently doctors prescribe certain antidepressants by using a flow chart guided by the patients symptoms. the process is of course mostly intuitive because psychology is made up, and the medications chosen are affected by the doctors biases(commercials)


o rly?



Those pills don't do anything, do they? Didn't they just publish a study in the UK saying that most of the pills were no better than a placebo?

I've heard cognitive behavioral therapy works for that sort of thing.


Well you should be aware that the latest NIH studies showed that SSRIs are no more effective than placebo. Even more interestingly, this finding wasn't even based on new research, but previously existing data that wasn't disseminated properly due to the researchers' conflicts of interest. Words can't express the depth of my hatred for psychiatry.


Wait a minute, did your doctor'' refer to these as happy pills? If so, I would find a new doctor


Is this guy your Dr. too? He writes me some good scripts.


i think ssri's work. just listen to the people. theyve got little abundant serotonin and the pills fix that. therapy however does not work. unless you are particularly oblivious and can benefit from paying 150$ for somebody to tell you the obvious


Dude, it's absolutely INSANE to want to use SSRI's for recreation. That's just plain STUPID. There is no high, just a big long list of side effects.

If you enjoy sex, expect to FEEL less.
Expect to not be able to climax
expect sweats, brain zaps and nausia when you QUIT the pills.

Expect to be desensitized to things that you would normally have reaction to. This is where depressed people get their biggest help from SSRI. But you will feel no different mentally or physically.

Why do it?


I want some. Do they really work?

What does it feel like? I want just a couple of happy days in a row.


Smoke a joint instead?


Quaaludes. Now those were happy pills.


the most effective has been shown to be CBT combined with medication.


Take it from someone who has been on, and is still taking the meds, both anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. There is nothing recreational about it. There is nothing "happy" about them. I take them because, for now, I am prone to impulsive behavior, ie-taking something small and making it into something monstrously big. I don't do too well in chaos. I have issues. I depend on the meds to help me find a balance, but I also go to therapy so that one day, I'll not have to depend on the meds.

Some may ridicule the use of meds or psychiatry in general, but as someone who is still walking down that road, it's worth it. Now, for you, OP, who seems to have disappeared (troll alert), recreational use of the drugs is retarded in the worst way. Why don't you save your money and hit a joint or something. At least that's not as addictive as popping pills, such as Xanax. I feel a FAIL coming...