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Happy New Years


I know none of us will probably ever meet, but I hope you all have a safe night. If you're back home early like me (my gf and I just do stuff around Boston and then turn in after midnight; we're not enamored with New Years really) and reading this I hope your night went well. Happy New Year's gang.


Same to you! Quiet evening at home here too. Still 2 hours till midnight.


It's already 2:40 Sunday afternoon here in Taiwan! Thanks!


Played Mario Kart with the youngun and drank beer. Surprised he made it to midnight at 3. Happy New Year.


Happy new year everyone!


Was sort of expeting to see some ass :frowning:

Still, happy new year to you all !


Happy New Year's everybody






I wouldn't mind seeing AQ's ass.


lol, Christine.

Played Zelda with my kids on the Wii and watch Godzilla movies NYE.

Hope everyone has a great 2012!