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Happy New Year!


Someone had to say it.


am I the only one that thinks saying Happy New Year is pointless? it's another year, big whoop, we just went from Friday to Saturday...


Hey man, not cool. I'm Mormon. We don't believe in new years.


So it is always the same year all the time or do years just not exist?


time doesn't exist.



Survive the new year.


I agree.


How can one man contain so much hatred....


Me too. Absolutely hate New Year. Throw a party, mope around until midnight and wish everybody a "happy new year" when it's only going to turn out to be just as crap as the last one.

Nobody ever looks back and says "what a great new year party that was in 1998" - doesn't happen. Last year I ended up playing charades with a bunch of pensioners I didn't know.

At least they went to bed early.


I spent a minute (long time actually) reminiscing on what I was doing 10 years ago..then realized I was thinking of stuff I'd done in 1991....but ten years ago was 2001!!!!


no its not pointless because you say it then kiss on the lips.
anything followed by kiss on the lips has at least some point.


Dum Dum Dum Dum DUM


Extra day off work, reason to have lobster, buffet brunch snorting pigfest in the morning, what is not to like? I even made a couple resolutions this year.


Care to share?


Well I had to work new years eve 11pm to 7am and spent most of the 1st sleeping so 2011 can eat a big ol bag of ID's wiggling penis.




Aren't New Year's resolutions like wishes that if you say them out loud they won't come true?


Thank you, John McTaggart*

*obscure philosophical reference