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Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

Hope you have a happy day!!! :heart:


Thank you!

TheMister took me out last night, and today the kids are making my favorite thing.

Recipe here, including macros.


Have a nice day, all of you.


Beautiful, it’s amazing how food can be a work of art! However, I’m allergic to shellfish :cold_sweat:

Have you ever done prisoner get ups? Theyre definitely different. My hubby is still building his computer and I was googling and had never done one. Do you recommend them?

@ Prisoner Get Ups. I was picturing a Turkish Get Up.
I hadn’t heard of these, so I had to look them up. No, I haven’t done them but hey, why not? Mix things up a bit to keep things interesting. And you have the flexibility to do some of these things at home when you have time.

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@ Allergic to shellfish. Oh, that’s such a bummer. I LOVE shrimp.

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Ty I don’t feel as if I am a complete. Noob because you hadn’t heard of the either! Ty

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I know I know​:cold_sweat:.we were in Hawaii a few years back and shrimp had to have touch my salmon because we were eating at a place before we left and I started to have a bad run. My dr had told me it was ok to take 4 in the past so I did. Needless, to say that agonizing long flight, I slept the entire time :hugs:

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