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Happy Jak

Lurked for a while as more of a fitness enthusiast than anything. Got a backpacking event coming up in around 2 months and I was looking for a good place to document( more for my own personal pleasure than anything, so if no one reads this I guess it’s fine) my training for that and beyond which is when I remembered this site. Still, I am no stranger to the gym and will be incorporating strength training into my routine after coming off a 6 six day push/pull/legs split the idea of which I got from Kingbeef’s post.

Some current stats:

2 mile run time: 12 minutes
Deadstop pullups:12
Press-ups: 40 in a row
Max Deadlift: 330 lbs
Max OHP: 134 lbs
DB Bench Press: 70kg (total) x 4
Leg Press: 350lbs x 5

At the moment I am on a 5 day bodybuilding style split looking to add a few extra pounds of lean mass more for aesthetics really, which I still care about. It’s as follows:

Tuesday: Legs
Sunday: Arms

Have seen some good growth off this but I’m looking to switch to 6 day P/P/L split within next week to give a last fire to what has been a real bulking phase for me. After that is where the more fitness orientated training begins.

Monday: 4 mile fell run, intervals- run culminating in hill sprints

Tuesday: Strength training- Deadlift, Bench Press and accessories

Wednesday: Boxing- 1 mile best effort run either side of training- consists of rounds of shadowboxing, bags and skipping

Thursday: Strength training- Leg Press, Overhead Press, Rowing and accessories

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Lighter run or mountain bike

Sunday: Long walk with weighted pack or light run ( more walking in run up to event)

Bit of a long winded, self- indulgent post, but I guess keeping a log is meant to be about yourself!

Chest today.
No real enthusiasm, not helped by the increasingly morbid clientele.

Lo incline DB press (kg)
20s x 12
25s x 6
30s x 5
30s x 5
25s x 6 drop to 20s x 4

Dips x 3sets to failure

Chest Press Machine- Just to keep blood in the area whilst waiting for a bench.

Lo decline DB press
20s x 10, 8, 8 - 30 seconds rest, real focus on feeling the muscle contract

Press ups- 12, 12

Really quite a bad day, not sure I like training a body part a session anymore. When my enthusiasm drops my performance does too usually. Looking forward to switching it up.

Forgot to add this yesterday.

Was originally going to do just shoulders but got sucked into a deadlifting showdown. Started off with shoulders however.

Seated DB shoulder press (kg)

12.5s x 16
17.5s x 8
25’s x 4 x 2
20s x 5 drop to 12.5’s x 5

Then onto deadlifts- ramped up to 146kg x 2 setting a PR of 140 x 5. Did sets of side laterals inbetween rounds.
I was going to do back today but added some seated rowing(3x12, 30 seconds rest, 100lbs) and pullups( several sets to failure) into yesterdays session. After that did some machine shoulder press and called it a day. Not a very organized or well thought out session but I’m a sucker for competition.

Solid 2-3 ride in today. First time I’ve ridden my mountain bike this year and the first time I’ve done any aerobic work in around 3 weeks. Nice to blow the cobwebs out. Decided to abandon a six day split in favour of more time preparing for the event so today was important to gauge how my overall fitness is doing. Tapped into anaerobic system several times over the tops of hills and up technical climbs which is where I feel the added 20 lbs or so of mass over my old frame have come in handy- they’ve allowed me to power up and over things which I couldn’t handle previously. Will probably be restricting the mountain bike work to the odd weekend in favour of running or hikiing but it’s always a good option if you really feel like hating your life for brief periods!

4 mile run tonight. Horrible conditions, pissing it down and windy. Went up a couple of the local fells with a friend. Kept the pace moderate most of the time apart from a near best effort up the hill from my house to his and a lift in the pace near the top of each summit. Legs still a bit full of crap from the ide yesterday so hopefully that will have flushed them out!

Meant to post this yesterday.

Workout A

Deadlift (kg) 85x10, 115x5, 140x3, 146x1
Pull ups 10,6,8 to failure
DB Bench Press (kg) 20s x 12, 35s x 2, 30s x 5,4,3
BB curls (kg) 15x20, 25x10, 35x5,5, 30x6
Weighted v sit ups/leg raises/press-ups/palms-facing pull ups - 3 rounds to failure

Felt weak today, no real power but still plenty of enthusiasm.

Boxing tonight. Around a mile run out to the club followed by a few quick games of basketball to get warmed up.This is followed by coaching and shadowboxing before moving onto bag/mirror/pad work. We then do somersaults onto a crash mat after running round the gym in a big line- not a clue what it’s about but it’s definitely a good laugh! Finish up with a warm down and the run back. More coaching tonight than there usually is- which meant less bag/shadow time which is never as fun but as long as I’m progressing I’m happy.

Thursday- Weights session:

OH clean and press-kg (clean to shoulders then continuous press)
10x31, 5x41, 2x1x51

DB rows (kg)

Pullups, palms facing, 10,8,6

Side laterals (kg) - 10s x 8,8,6

Shoulder Press Machine- 10 in stack x 5,5,4

Tricep Pushdowns (lbs) 100x15, 110x12, 120x10

Leg Press- worked up to 370x6 in around 6 or 7 sets

The session is, admittedly, a bit of a jumble but I’m just trying to push bigger numbers at the moment whilst getting fitter. Contradicting goals I suppose- but what I’m doing is definitely enough to maintain.

Today- 10 mile yomp around the local fells with 55lbs in the rucksack. Feeling it in the traps now, much harder than I anticipated. Will have to get more walks like that in before the event.