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Happy Independence Day!


Happy 4th of July to all US Citizens and Pro-US people!


Well said! Here's to tolerance, freedom, freedom to think differently, debate, workout and be healthy, and persue success and happiness freely!

Thanks to all those who served, and who are still serving!


Happy Independence Day America!

"Injustice in the end produces independence"

~ Voltaire




Happy 4th to all my T-brothers and Sisters!!!




Happy 4th to all!


Happy Fourth!

be cool have fun safe driving


And another big "Happy Independence Day" to the American T-clan.

Unfortunately, unlike E~ I don't know how to make it all pretty. :slightly_smiling:




I love this holiday.Not only is the mixing of beer and explosive devices allowed, it is encouraged.I am in redneck heaven.Happy 4th everyone, and thank you to all serving members of the U.S. armed forces,God bless.


Happy Independence Day guys and gals!


Happy 4th. :wink:


227 and still counting!!!


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