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Happy Holidaze!


Happy 4/20, everyone. Anybody got epic 4/20 stories form years past or are planning on celebrating this year?


Ehhh...it's 4/20 everyday for me - after training of course...lol... : )


Who cares about 4/20? This is California, it's 4/20 out here at 5 in the afternoon on a Monday in the middle of November. THAT is epic.


First time of heard of this 4/20, ridiculous, I know.


this one time, on 4/20, I smoked weed.


same, it was great


Today is the one day I don't enjoy lifting weights. :confused:

And yeah, I'm probably only going to get as high as I do every other day, but 4/20 is awesome. I the first 4/20 I really actually celebrated was in high school... I was still not a good smoker, and smoked a huge bowl of some fine chronic to myself before I got to my delivery job. I was so fucking high that I sat outside the restaurant for like twenty minutes before work with my head on the steering wheel, decimated.

Glad there was a lady friend who worked there who hooked me up with some eye drops because there were as red as the "submit" button here on T-Nation. What's even cooler is I only had a few deliveries that day, which meant I could sit around and max out free food all night... and two guys (who I didn't know) I actually smoked me out when I delivered to them, awesome.

Gotta love weed.


Stories like this make me a little nostalgic for the shitty brick weed I used to smoke in my youth. Yeah, it was littered with stems and seeds, but you could smoke a bowl and still be a moderately productive member of society.

The KB I get now just makes me an unproductive member of my couch. Not that I have a problem with that.




'Tis a great day! I hope to be partaking in the festivities after a week and a half break from my best friend mary jane.


Well, 4/20 also happens to be Adolf Hitler's birthday.


Me neither. : )


I'm telling all of your mothers......to pack me a bowl.


Anybody else make sure to smoke last night as the clock hit 12?


I did at like 1030/11 and was watching a movie at 12 and was still high. Does that count?


Es my new toy.