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Happy Holidays

Just a simple little shout out to everyone to have a Great Holiday.

Cherish what you have and try not to think about what you dont have, or cant control, for just this one day.

Enjoy family, friends, gifts, etc… and damn it eat like you know you shouldn’t.(bring on the C+F) We can go back to the day to day soon enough.

Once again Happy Holiday to all.
Thanks and all that.


Great advice, as always.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks Phill, you too!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone at T-Nation! Here’s to getting huge in 2005.

Happy holidays to everyone at T-Nation/ Biotest and all the readers. This website has for sure changed my life and made me strive to achieve the best and for that I say thank you. I hope you all have a happy holiday. Here’s to 2005.


I hope everyone is bulking for Christmas! :wink:

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe.

Merry Christmas!

Workouts will be more interesting with my new 40GB iPod! What a wife I’ve got!

My best to everyone here. This site AND its inhabitants are a daily treat for me.

“Look out for the wall!”