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Happy Friday The 13th


I’m scared

And the same to you!

[quote]michael2507 wrote:
And the same to you![/quote]

I kind of knew you’d be able to find a better picture than what I had.

And Chinadoll, we know you really like being scared, in which case I am happy to oblige.

I’m really scared! The second picture, looks like worms have been crawling in and out of him!









and to think why on earth is today,out of 365 days a year,is my birthday.


Last night, on fri13, me and my pals got crossed by some chill-ass black cat. The fucker wasnt even scared. Few later, I get to witness I dear get smashed by a car a few feet infront of me. Bad luck? Maybe not, but I love animals so I was angrier than Opra after Mcdonalds stopped that whole “Make it Bacon” deal.

Apparently friday the 13th costs America $1B in absences, cancellations, etc.

yesterday was insane glad that it’s over

[quote]Cthulhu wrote:

and to think why on earth is today,out of 365 days a year,is my birthday.[/quote]

A day late, but happy bday nonetheless :slight_smile:

Geek warning!

Friday, October 13, 1307 (699 yrs ago), marked the end of the Nights Templar. They had established the worlds first international banking system by storing gold in their temples and using a marked way to make deposits and withdrawals (much like a check). They grew big enough to be lenders to kings. King Philip (sp?) asked for a loan and was turned down. He responded by raiding the main temple in France and took the knights prisoner but found the gold missing. The remaining knights thought this would happen to them eventually and closed up shop all over the world and disappeared.

If you believe unverifiable information. (it is supposed to be verifiable, but I didn’t do the due diligence)