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Happy Fourth


..at least here it is.


Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day everyone!


The best thing about this 4th, besides the above picture, has got to be the hard knocks marathon going on today.


Dude, you're watching it too? I haven't slept because of it. The final episode of the Ravens is ending and Chiefs are next...I think.

Ravens D: Ray Lewis, Jamie Sharper, Peter Boulware, a young Edgerton Hartwell, Chris McAllister, Duane Starks, Tony Siragusa, Sam Adams, and of course, the F'ng man: Rod Woodson.


Minimum Wage Hellghast says Happy 4th of July!


Up yours, England.


I have fun watching my teen son make homemade explosives and set them off. It's also fun hearing neighbors yell "what the fuck" when he fires off his bazooka-sized spud gun.

Temporary deafness can be fun!

Happy I-Day, fellow Americans!


Yep, my girl woke me up at 4 30 and started my day off real nicely and now its NFL network all day long.


Had a friend's BBQ yesterday which was an all day affair, now my whole body hurts...


I live in Huntington Beach, CA. 5k race then, parade, BBQ, fireworks. This is my favorite holiday.


Pathetic excuse for a "holiday."

Where are my material gifts?


Happy Fourth of July!








America is where it's at.

Happy 4th.


westcoast: i feel more patriotic already.


I always feel patriotic looking at this picture.


God Bless America.