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Happy Father's Day

Hey all. Since there are numerous fathers here, and I have yard work to do, I thought this might be a more efficient way to get this to everyone.

Just want to wish you all a Happy Father’s Day!

It is a pleasure to know you gents and to get to read about you and your kids.
And yes, that means the victories as well as the trials and tribulations.

I can’t imagine how I would have turned out without MY dad. I don’t think I would have been a bad person, but I know that I am a better person/man/father because of him. I got my sense of family and loyalty from him. He showed me the meaning of sacrifice and how there are many things that are more important than ME.
He was firm, but always loving. Hell, he still tells me to be careful, every time we are talking about me working out or taking a trip. Drives me nuts…lol. If I haven’t learned to be careful in the last 42 years, it ain’t happening.

Anyway… Happy Father’s Day!

2 days early (fixed)

2 days early, but happy Fathers day to all you muthas

Great thread topic Skipper! I second your happy Fathers Day to every father here.

[quote]mjnewland wrote:
2 days early, but happy Fathers day to all you muthas[/quote]

Dammit! You’re right. I have a 4 day weekend and keep thinking it is Saturday.

Great topic, Strick. It’s really inspiring to see fatherhood at its finest.

Not everyone is blessed with a caring, healthy father, as I well know. So everyone who’s lucky to have a great father or be a great father, pop the champagne!

(Or beer, if you like - I don’t care.)

Happy Fathers day to all us Dads out there that grind out life, Honey Do lists, being there for our kids day and night for years, work and our own little piece called lifting.

Want to thank my Dad for teaching me how to be a man, he adopted me at 2 and raised me with my half brother and sister like I was his own. He taught me that family is important and to be a man is all about your word, character and taking care of your family first and foremost.

Everyone have a great weekend.