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Happy Easter & Passover

Just want to wish all my Christian friends
a happy Easter holiday and a hag sameach to
my Jewish friends in the midst of Pesach.

There are many paths to God and no religion
has a monopoly on holiness as we are ALL HIS

Peace be upon all of you,


You are the ultimate TMAN.

Easter dinner: turkey, roast beef, ham, little red potatoes, stirfried beans w/roasted almonds, corn, bread, a bunch of milk, etc. :):):slight_smile:

Thanks Brock. I hope you find your observances to be fullfilling. Ouch, I ate too much Easter dinner last night.

brock. you forgot to mention a forceful skywalker day to all the jedi’s out there. its ok we wont hold it against you!

Brock, many thanks. And in your language, hag sameach to you. =)