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Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Ram is almost upon us!


Peace and prosperity to all for the New Year!

Year of the Sheep/Ram: People born in the following years: 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003. For anyone who is a "sheep/ram" person (like, Ko), this will be your year! Some things to do in preparation for the New Year: settle all the affairs of the old year and get ready for the new one. Clean your house thoroughly so that the clutter and disorder of the prior year does not mar the next. Pay your debts, buy some new clothes, cut your hair. Incense is burned in homes/temnples as a sign of respect to ancestors. (and folks, I do just about all of the above, too. And I do them well ahead of the New Year, since I don't want to "sweep out" any of the good, new spirits - just the old, bad ones. We Chinese tend to be a bit superstitious :-) )

So - Happy New Year to all my fellow T-forumites! Make sure you take the time to visit a nearby Chinatown to check out anytype of festivities, like Dragon Dances, Lantern Festivals, and good food!

GONG HOI FAT CHOI to y’all too! Patricia, I need to ask you something. I was born Oct '79, and am a ram too. However, from what i’ve been told (by a few wise men) is that a year is never good for those that are in the same year as their animal sign, i.e. yurng tong yurng lin, sare tong sare lin, etc… Is this true? That’s what i’ve been brought up to believe.

Anywayz, gonna be wishing for good health and prosperity as usual. 'Cos what good is material goods, if you're ill eh?


GONG XI FA CAI, since I speak manderian chinese at home. On a side note in china they party for 2 weeks straight…