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Happy Birthday

To Me :slight_smile:

Big 2-0 in approx. 5min

And tryouts tommorrow… My level of hype/excitedness has never been this high in my life haha

Happy Birthday, Xen!

Babe, I miss that dirty feeling I used to get when you were still a teenager!



Happy birthday dude

Just had to stop by and Say Happy B-Day to one of the consistent posters during my Graveyard Shift.

Have a good one,

happy birthday and good luck!

Happy birthday Xen
Hope you like the cake and the girl.

Happy b-day and gl at tryouts tomm. Let us know it goes…



You are SUCH a kid! :wink:

Happy Birthday!

Buon Compleanno!

Happy B-Day! Do someone awesome. Something, I meant… :slight_smile:

Happy birthday and have a good time, just not too good a time with those try-outs tommorow.


[quote]TShaw wrote:


You are SUCH a kid! :wink:

Happy Birthday![/quote]

Really, haha. Have a good one Xen.

Happy B-Day and good luck!!

ah youth…I’m getting all misty eyed…

Have a great birthday with an even better year to come! Keep us posted on the tryouts.

Happy birthday, and speaking for all of us old farts, good luck at the tryouts, then go and ‘have at’ a young lovely!!

HH :slight_smile:

Shit, looks like I came in late to this party.

Felix dies natalis for the SECOND time, Xen…


P.S. Don’t you ever get tired of all this attention? ;p

[quote]sic wrote:
Happy B-Day! Do someone awesome. Something, I meant… :)[/quote]

Probably both, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a good one Xen. Of whatever you like…

One day you will reach 21. Then, the shindig of shindig starts.

I made 8 shots of assorted whiskeys inside of 20 minutes on my 21st…yea I pissed myself that night.

Happy Birthday!


Happy B-Day,

Set a new P.R., Do the hottest girl you can find, party hard, and have fun.

Good luck on try outs.

I turn 22 in 11 days myself…21 was a blur…The first 4 months I can barely remeber(Hennessy, Chivas Regal, Tanqueray, grey goose, 1800 tequilla, …etc).Damn, it went fast.

Stay strong & have a blast,