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Happy birthday!!!

well, someone very special here has a birthday today, join in for a group hug (and tell me who he is…)

hint: not me, big on nutrition…

hug and a very happy 29th to one Mr. John M. Berardi. You’s a sexy beast.

Oh i’d love to see the recipe for the birthday cake that fits into massive eating!

happy birthday JB



Happy Bday !

Yes I wanna see that birthday cake recipe also…

Happy Birthday John…

Man, I can’t top E, so I’ll just wish you the very happiest birthday!

(uh-oh, big “three-oh” right around the corner…)


Happy birthday
from the monkey gals


Happy Berfday!! Happy Berfday!!

Almost 30!!?

We all have to take the sweet with the sour…
Happy Birthday

And another leaf is turned…

Congratulations T-Mag’s own Doctor - and responsible for turning many many physiques around…John Berardi!

May there be many many more happy dumbells and nutrition articles in your future!

I agree hope to see you here for a long time.

“It would seem like it’d be sort of a waste of space” …
with out you.

I bet John won’t have any trouble getting birthday sex.

From one writer to another-
You make me want to take my pills.
Thank you John
Happy Birthday

I wish I could get birthday sex.

To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heat is true Genius.

Few are worthy of such a title-

We all have the ability to view for our selves a collection of John’s dossier.

Unlike the others - John’s magnitude of accomplishments dose not overshadow his persona. Although he is apt to hard work - the challenge of the hard fought intellectual inquiry is best rewarded when we take the time to learn from his hard work and the apply it to see monumental changes manifest.

What sets physical geniuses apart from other people, then, is not merely being able to do something but knowing what to do–their capacity to pick up on subtle patterns that others generally miss

John’s work helps all who strive to achieve this.

Again thank you

Happy Birthday John
Dr. Nash

you and me both brother!

Happy Birthday, JB!