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Happy Birthday WolBarret

Hey guys…

T-Nation’s avatar king had his birthday today. I have no idea how old he is. I just know he’s older.

Lets all get him some pancakes. Or is that waffles?

Have a great one!


The year went around the sun one fuckin’ time and SOME people thinks that makes them SPECIAL!

Happy B-day WolBarret. =)

Fuck you!!!

Happy birthday, kid.

sometimes i’ll superset dumbell hammer curls with tricep pulldowns. it depends what muscle was worked the day before

happy b-day wolberret

For me? I didn’t even tell anyone. I am so shocked. You guys really don’t have to do this for me(Keep it up).

I’m only 23. That’s like one in dog years.

I’m so embarrassed(MORE PANCAKES, ASAP!)

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
For me? I didn’t even tell anyone. I am so shocked.

You shouldn’t be. Vader’s a stalker.

Happy birthday, fucker.

Food nom nom nom…

insert cheesy birthday card line here- Hope your birthday is out of this world!

You kids get off my lawn! oh wait, never mind.

Happy b-day

oops! I crapped my pants.

i mean, happy birthday.

Have a great day!

Happy Birthday, Wol!

Happy birthday dude.

Happy Birthday you son of a *^&%$

Happy Birthday Wol! Sorry I missed this yesterday

This shit was on my calendar and I STILL missed it.

I’m a bad person.

Happy birthday, Wol!

Happy Birthday, Wol!!! I thought you were 32 not 23…

Just kidding. Hope you had SOME fun.

Happy b-day!

Maybe now he’ll get his lazy ass back in the gym.