Happy Birthday to me! =0)

(Shameless self-plug)

'Nuff said! ;0)

Awesome, going to tell us how old you are or make us cut you in half and count the rings?

Have a great Day, Bro!

Happy birthday Dan C!!

Happy Birthday to You! =0)

How old are you?

Thanks everybody!

A big venerable, wise, 32 years old today.

A big venerable, wise, 32 years old today.

;0) </font color>

For some reason, the wink ;0) smiley did not go trough.

hey dan c, happy birthday bro!!

Pick a bottle any bottle…my Son wants to Party with you!!

only 32??

You are still a baby!

Have a Happy One Dan!!


Happy Birthday Dan.
Haver a great day!!

Happy B-day!!!

Have a good one.

Happy bday!

So you gonna worry about cutting today?


Happy Birthday from another Dan, glad to see I share the same birthday with great people.

yes, it’s mine today as well, I’m 30.

ok dans’ happy birthday to you both!!HAHAHA

I know I haven’t posted much here. (Actually this is only my second post.) But I have been reading the articles and forums for a while now and I wanted to tell everyone thank you for keeping me informed and entertained. I also wanted to let everyone know it is my birthday today as well (29 years).

Happy Birthday Dan.

Hope you have a good one.

It’s my birthday too, 19 years young… ahh it starting to suck already.

Damn, 19th B-Day was a good one for me. Went out, got dinner paid for by friends, they bought almost all the beer that night and spent “quality time” with two young ladies before the sun came up.

30th wasn’t quite as insane, but still fun. My wife threw me a surprise party Saturday, had all the family in and soem friedns from out of town we hadn’t seen in a year or so. Stayed up till about 2:00 am playing dominoes and drinking champagne.

you motha bitches - at midnight, I’ll be 22. That’s right, August 14th is my b-day.

happy birthday DAN C (I love you man) and other Dan and anyone else who decides it’s their birthday today.

have a kick ass day. make people bring you stuff.


Isn’t the birthday person supposed to buy a round?

Hope you have/had a good one.