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Happy Birthday TheBodyGuard



Happy Birthday, BG!




wait for it.....wait for itttttt.....

But aye happy birthday BG! From the woman too! Although, and I quote, "if I never hear that fecking Stevie Wonder song again it'll be too soon!" :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy b-day, BG. Are you like one thousand now?


Happy Birthday! OE beat me to the thread! But admittedly, his is better with the vid and all - Well played!


Oh shit

The diner is about to get rowdy in a few hours. Dennys staff stands no chance. God help them.

I can see it now...

BG doing the charleston at the counter and knocking salt shakers over.


Now that is fucking hilarious.

I was literally LOL.



I'm NOT old!



Funniest post I've read in a while!



but don't forget some young waitress is likely to get fucked in the men's room!

fucking vampires.



Happy Birthday old man, so tell me, how old where you when you babysat Jesus Christ ?


Waitresses are just escorts that want a legit job for taxes.

They'll fuck anyone, especially if they think you'll give them a few extra nickles from your coin purse.

Damn humans

Aging and shit


Its funny because you've been doing the exact same thing for the last decade.


So how long you been a waitress??

Oh, and no more Charleston for me. Just last week while partying with some other crazy seniors at the Rotary Club, I almost broke my hip dancing!


Happy Birthday!!!

Any special plans, besides going to Denny's?


Wrong. My preference is the Jitterbug.


Happy Birthday, BG!


Little boy blew.

he needed the money.


Happy B-day BG~


Eh, I been at it for a few weeks.

Aww poor BG..here, I know how much you enjoy these

Happy birthday.