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Happy Birthday, SirenSong!

In just over one hour, it will be your birthday…

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great day!

You could have waited, but ok.

BUMP because she seems like a nice lady.

Happy birthday sirensong.

Happy Birthday SirenSong!

4 dudes and no B-day girl. This party is gay.


Happy birthday!!!

Today is the proud day you fought your way out of your mother’s vagina smelling of the sea.

COUGAR!Happy birthday, I have chocolate for you but you have to eat it on camera.

Happy birthday!! Have a good day!

[quote]dday wrote:

Err, I thought the idea was to give the person having the birthday something that they would like, not that makes them cringe.

Dday, remind me to keep it a secret from you when it’s my birthday LOL.

[quote]WolBarret wrote:
4 dudes and no B-day girl. This party is gay.[/quote]

Meh, I think she works weird hours. I’m sure she’ll put in an appearance, Wol.

Happy happy, SS.

Happy birthday!