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Happy Birthday Renee Weimer!


Today is Renne's (Nae) birthday, so I wanted to dedicate a thread to this sweet and sexy woman, who's been a long time T-Nation member.

A truly good soul, but, she's also spunky with a bit of the devil in her...


Happy Birthday, Ms. Lady.


I have fond memories of chasing her around in my Ct. Chocula underwear. She hasn't called me back since that night though. :frowning: I guess she wasn't feeling my wickedness

Best wishes to the sexiness and class of Renne Weimer on her birthday and beyond


Happy Birthday Renee!


Happy birthday Renee!!! I hope you are blowing shit up today! (^:


Happy happy birthday! :slight_smile:


Your birfday iz da dae aftah my birfday!



Happy Birthday Renee!

And happy belated birthday B Rock.


Happy Birthday! I may never be able to detach the heart attack story and you...


Hey, happy birthday.

The guys are lining up to give you your birthday spanking. So get your ass in gear.


happy B-day !!

yay !!!




Happy birthday! Guess what, it's my birthday too! I feel special.....




Happy B-Day, Renee!

I was gonna post a "You have a small dick" cake picture, But then I realized it's probably inappropriate.

You probably don't have a small dick


In other words, post pictures please.

Happy birthday!


Thought her birthday was November 10th?


39 Spankins is gonna need some 4play er sumthin!

OOoooops. This isn't SAMA! Dang it! Ok, I'll change the word "foreplay" into "4play" and maybe it will be ok.... ;o)

Thanks, you guys!

I haven't given anyone a heart attack in a while... (umm) well, not anyone who comes to T-Nation that is.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh! Tis quite true, Amphibian! It rings true in me soul. Incendiary, fragmentary, smoke, fear, fire n' confusion to all who oppose me & mine!

(In other words, if anyone messes with my buds.... they're toast!) Since all of you are my buds - lets have a shot to cure what ails ye, and all hail to friends!

Big grins!



In the sense of the movie, GI Jane... I guess someone could call it that. But it's pretty tiny & quite responsive. So I think I'd prefer to call it something cute. Something playful. Like - Spot. As in, "See Spot play."