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Happy Birthday Marines!


Now go celebrate, numbnuts!


Happy 236th, Devildogs.

Here's this years Birthday Message from the Commandant. Motivating stuff.

Semper Fi


Funny, you don't look a day over 235.

Semper fi,


.. Raises a toast to all you fellow jarheads.


Happy Birthday Department of the Navy!!!


More specifically, the MEN'S department.


department none the less



We're looking pretty damn sexy for 236 years old!


That date was 30 April. They don't teach you squids history?



My WO would walk around when we were deployed, and the squids were giving us our ride overseas, and would annoyingly say "Happy Birthday, Shipmate!" to damn near ever sailer on April 30th. He got so many stupid looks, it was hilarious.


Haha...that's classic. I 100% guarantee that they had no idea why he was saying that.