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Happy Birthday Marines


Today is the 235th birthday of our beloved Corps.

For Those Who Served: Thank You

For Those Who Did Not: You're Welcome

For those sad but lovable folks that served, but not in the Marines: well, fuck, tomorrow's Veterans Day so you can have a party too.

Old Lardass


Indeed, thanks to all you have served, are serving and will serve..

Son of a Marine, brother of a Marine helicopter pilot and uncle to a Marine currently serving in logistics for Special Ops in western Afghanistan.

Happy Birthday and thanks MJ!!


I was telling a buddy yesterday about how we came out of ICT at the end of boot for our last medical/dental visit and we were RAW and we walked in and saw all of those pretty, clean, nice smelling Navy girls and almost went berserk.

I hope all of my 2nd battalion platton 1063 buddies from boot made it. I know some of my 2nd Division 2/6 buddies didn't.


â??The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!â??

Eleanor Roosevelt


tru dat!


I've had to listen to my oldest bro, 6 yrs in corp, my next oldest, 30 yr man, MGySgt, the mail carrier who works in the case next to me, retired Gunny, plus numerous cousins, nephews, great nephews, etc. grunt at each other all week. Tonight will be a drunken debauchery followed by falling out for roll call with our fellow vets at the VA home. I am being allowed to attend tonights debauchery as long as I don't "drink no faggy drinks and use no stupid ass Air FARCE words (over one syllable, I guess)." Having pulled jarheads out of really bad places more times than I can remember I think I've earned the right to say Happy Birthday and Semper Fi brothers. Enjoy.


My brother was in the Air Force and my father in-law the Coast Guard. That makes this old sailor hardcore, in my family anyway.

But seriously.....may the good lord protect those currently in harm's way!


Harry, speaking of the VA, my father-in-law who passed way this year had a one of those scooters for people who have trouble getting around. You know of anybody around the VA that needs one? Its already in Huntsville, over in holiday homes, so its near by and we'd be glad to know it got some use out of it.


Good night, Chesty, whereever you are.


Joe, let me do some checking. On a different note, the stories I could tell you about Holiday homes. Much of my misspent teen years were there. Use to be a community pool right off of Bob Wallace and Drake we'd sneak into at night with several young ladies and ....swim. My friend who died recently lived right on Holiday Drive. Played many a football game right across the street at Milton Frank Stadium. Good memories.


Thanks for the reminder. I grew up on Camp LeJeune (well in Jacksonville anyway) and it would be a mortal sin in my dads' mind for me to forget to wish him a Happy Birthday (since he enlisted as a 17 year old and retired as a 40 something he thinks he and the USMC are one). I like how they segregate the "holiday" from Veterans Day (a day I luxuriate on, since my children seem to think I won the Revolution and expelled the British from the colonies). As a added treat my children will help me celebrate Veterans Day by seeing Mega Mind (oh joy) while my father gets to pound Scotch and watch "The Frozen Chosin" on Blu-Ray. who says Marines have it bad.


J-ville NC has some of the best strip clubs I have ever enjoyed. I was there once (1987) with a section of British Royal Marines doing the running and gunning thing, and we had some liberty in Jville. The girls at this one particular place thought their accents were cute, and were kind enough to do a very naughty "group dance" in their honour. Fine Southern hospitality there.

[edit] of course being all growed up I would never go into such a den of iniquity now...


Those Royal Marines will get your ass thrown in the brig if you aren't paying attention, god bless'em. I once got so trolleyed with some RM's, Aussies from their PB force and a few squids that we were doing half naked "carrier landings" in a packed club.