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Happy Birthday, Finland!

[quote]TC wrote:
Ha! My father used to say PERKELE all the time when he was pissed!

Brings back memories.

It’s pretty much standard operational procedure for a Finnish male.

Perkele is probably the first word you need to learn if you want to learn Finnish. It works for any occasion. If you get a new PR, its great. If you need to encourage someone, it works very well. If someone misses a lift, it works exceedingly well. You can order a beer with it. You can get a telemarketer to stop talking with it. I don’t think there is an occasion it doesn’t work for. I’m sure one could even use it for dirty talking. At least if the sex is aggressive enough.

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[quote]EmperialChina wrote:
TC wrote:
Ha! My father used to say PERKELE all the time when he was pissed!

Brings back memories.

Hey TC, do you speak any Finnish?

I learned to speak Finnish before I spoke English, but I never had any formal education in the language.

As such, my grammar was probably terrible, and I never learned to read much of it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t spoken any since my mother died about 10 years ago, so I’m terribly, terribly rusty.

6th day was Finlands 90th birthday. So happy birthday it is, even though little late! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

“Finland was rated the best country to live in by Reader’s Digest study released in October 2007, which looked at issues such as quality of drinking water and greenhouse gas emissions as well as factors such as education and income.”

I am of Finnish descent but do not know much about my grandfathers homeland. It is interesting to hear this is the anniversary of Finland’s independence! From what I understand, my great grandfather was a part of the plot that assassinated the Russian puppet leader. I’m not sure how involved he was but I know it is the reason he fled to the US.

This was probably the fella assasinated.

Happy Belated Independence Day !! Say " hi " to Jouka Ahola for me.

[quote]Lapo wrote:

This was probably the fella assasinated.[/quote]

That would be the correct time frame. I would have to dig up his old journal to be sure. I know he was a leader of sorts in an underground resistance movement against the Russians after the military was abolished. Not THE leader, but a leader of a faction or something.

From what I understand and remember, he was a part of an assassination at the planning stages. The story I heard is that he and his partners drew straws for who would actually carry it out, the others fled to the US (my great grandpa), France and Germany.

I don’t know if the assassination was on the guy in the link or not and I’m sketchy on the details. My grandfather, who knew more, passed away years ago and I don’t think my Grandma knows where the old journal is.