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Happy Birthday Doug Adams


Mr. Adams just hit a milestone and we're celebrating his birth through the internet!

Happy Birthday Doug. Enjoy it while you can. Because when you go to bed, I will kill you in your sleep.

Pillow + Your Face = PWNAGE

Mazal Tov!


Happy happy happy birthday!!!!!!


Happy 30th birthday, Douggie!


My own birthday thread on teh intarwebz?!?


Thanks everyone, and ladies, presents in the form of pretty photos are gladly accepted.


Happy B-Day ... I know you'll be drunk posting in NO TIME!!!


Nah, not today. I either have some allergies kicking up, or a mild case of Pig Cooties. A little gift from Mother Nature. What a douche.


Happy birthday!!! Have one for us!


You should knock back some of Grandpa's old cough remedy ... aka some brown liquor that'll kill that dirty pig cold


Happy birthday man


happy birthday poo face


Habby Pirthday !!! I told this chick is was your b-day and said to post it so here you go!


This is the birthday song....it isn't very long....HEY

(claps hands)


Happy birthday!


Is that Outback's version?


Happy birthday to you too, rrjc! He's finally old enough to drink legally!



Happy Birthday, Dough!





Happy Birthday, bud. How old?



The big 3-0.