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Happy Birthday Bigragoo


Rumor has it today is someone's B-day....




Congratulations man! You are officially one year closer to death!

Awww ... shucks, that was the old me ... what I meant was ...

Happy Birthday! You are fun to have around here, so I wish you many more!



Happy birthday!!!

Just for the record, my Bday is December 6th...you know, just in case...you know...anyone wanted to know...


You have a HUGE identity problem.


Damn AG you made me blush. Thank you. Yes, I am 29 today. But I don't feel any older than 18. Well, I still act like I'm 18 anyway.


Are you the former Bastard? I'll miss the Bastard.


Happy Birthday dude! Go squat your birth date set/rep scheme. So lets see...you need to do 11 sets of 17. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Shit! Can I just use the bar or do I have to use what I normally squat?


I have no clue who you are lol but happy birthday and have a good one!



Le se bon ton roule!