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Happy Birthday America!


inb4 the commies.


Justin Bieber


Beiber = Canadian.

Not America's fault.


You could add to that picture:





and many other stuff


...the glass is always half-empty with you, isn't it?



I just gotta say thing the way they are.

I have nothing against US citizens.

Yes I am against what your Government does.

So I try to point that out everytime I can,
so that at least someone realizes and starts changing.


aaaaaaaaaand thread de-railed.


That graphic appears to be a list of the awesome things America created.. you just listed a whole lotta bullshit that the rest of the world brought when they came here..




Yeah, but America MADE that little fucker.


Hey...you don't see us bithcing about Amy Winehouse do you? Crazy bitch just landed on our doorstep. Just like Bieber...






My posts keep getting deleted.

Is that your Democracy and Freedom


The forums are property of T-Nation. In this context, view it as a benevolent dictatorship.

My previous post was deleted too, and I have quite the opposite view from yours.

I have no problem with the deletions.


Check your PMs.

I sent you a message about 45 minutes ago explaining what happened to your posts.

Have a good 4th of July.


And Shatner...


No, its the personal property of the owners of TNation, who are allowed to edit how they see fit.



omg guys where r his internet freedomz? Where's your democracy now chuckleheads?!


Happy Birthday from up north