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Happy Belated Earth Day

I didn’t buy any party hats or noise makers, but I suppose this faux holiday is a good time for reflection on how good things are, environmentally.

To wit, an oldie but goodie from Reason Magazine:



[i][Like the original sponsors of Earth Day,] many contemporary environmental alarmists are similarly mistaken when they continue to insist that the Earth’s future remains an eco-tragedy that has already entered its final act. Such doomsters not only fail to appreciate the huge environmental gains made over the past 30 years, they ignore the simple fact that increased wealth, population, and technological innovation don’t degrade and destroy the environment. Rather, such developments preserve and enrich the environment.

If it is impossible to predict fully the future, it is nonetheless possible to learn from the past. And the best lesson we can learn from revisiting the discourse surrounding the very first Earth Day is that passionate concern, however sincere, is no substitute for rational analysis.[/i]

Usually holidays are attributed to birth or death…since we aren’t sure of the Earth’s birth this can only mean…

Wouldn’t it be funny if a huge asteroid came out of nowhere (maybe one that has a weird path that is hidden from view) and totally annihilated the Earth? Near misses happen frequently…of course hits also happen frequently but burn up in the atmosphere. Pleasant dreams everyone.


My school planted a tree, does that make us hippies?

Faux holiday? Like Kwanzaa?