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Happy B-Day, rrjc5488!


Somebody told me that you turn 18 today.

Time to choose what kind of man you want to be.

And if you mess up, you've got a whole bunch of older brothers in T-Nation to smack you on the side of the head.

Happy Birthday!


Nice, Happy birthday man. We have enjoyed your contribution here and i'm pretty sure your head is on right. Or at least right in the T-man sense of the word. What kind of celebration ya got planned?



Yeah, happy b-day and shit.


I hear he's been itching to try out some of the "doggy style" advice he asked for awhile back.


Happy Birthday RRJC! Have FUN tonight!


What he said.


Happy Birthday! (Correct us if we're wrong, so we can take back all the good wishes!) Make the most of it. There's more and better to come.


Congratulations, you'll now get into a lot more trouble for killing someone or stealing!


18? Shit he's a man now. Time to quit goofing around and start paying bills. It's downhill from here man!!



Happy Bidet. 18 is a great age, but still too young to be handling vagina.



Happy B-Day man, but you know that now you've got to keep clear of those juniors in high school. Statutory-shmatutory. :wink:


Happy birthday. Go jump some drunk bitches, its time ( from 40 year old virgin).


And learn how not to bring every subject and conversation back to sex, vagina, a-holes and faggets.....


Happy Birthday, Buddy! Hope you have a great day!



Born 5-4-88

Damn I'm smart!


Hahahahaha... Thanks everyone.

Yes, its true- I'm legal.

No celebration tonight though, I have the second part of my IB bio test tommorow morning which bites the big one. This weekend though...

Also, I dont know if any of you saw my sky diving thread... but depending on how I do in the funds department, I'm going to do that.


Disregard this advice, it's chuck norris in disguise testing you for your general knowledge. Agreeing with this advice and following it will surley get you roundhouse kickind back in time to when you were 16 so you can re-learn that every conversation ALWAYS MUST come bacl to sex, Vagina, A-holes and faggots.



Quit trying to re-write the laws of nature already.



I'd recommend heading north to Montreal, the cultural experience is worth it for someone who just turned 18 (that's the legal drinking age).

Note: By cultural experience, read strip clubs...not topless...it's the full experience! And hey you're helping those college girls get an education!


Sweet, now you can buy some cigarettes.