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Happy B-Day, Nate Green!


Happy 21st birthday, Nate!

If you need me to learn you anything about women and their ways, let me know.



Happy Birthday Dog!

Where have you been lately?


Wow, the big 21. Now all you have to look forward to is 25.(for cheaper car insurance)After that you just get old....lol

Have a good one....


Hey buddy! Happy birthday! Hope you have a good time partyin it up out there in the Dakotas or whereever you are...



Happy B-day homey. We're gonna drink like the prohabition is right around the corner.



Happy B-Day Nate. Hope you do it up big and have a blast.


How many cows tipped does turning 21 call for?

Happy birthday, man! Drink till she's pretty.


Happy Birthday Nate!

Oh, and if he is still dating the same T-Vixen, he won't be needing to drink any alcohol.


Nate, how is that you were in the bar at the DC Test Fest if you're just now turning 21? I have pictures as evidence too. :wink:

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, buddy!


Yea, I was there when he went in.

The bouncer didn't even think twice about carding him.

Damn models, they get all the breaks! (jk)


In a lot of places you can get into bars at 18.

Least you can in Baton Rouge!


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

How did I get into the club?


I told them I was Dave Tate's bodyguard.



Don't worry about it here the legal drinking age is 18, and it's meerly a suggestion!!

That's something I could never figure out about Americans... You can join the forces, carry a gun, and potentially kill at 16, but damn you if you have a drink??

That's a whole other thread and I don't want to hyjack...

Happy Birthday bro.



How funny is it that YOUR lady friend emailed ME on YOUR birthday? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, buddy (although she did email me about our DVD); happy birthday!


Have a good one bro, go live it up in whoppin Missula, or whatever big huge city folk town is nearest your cabin. :slight_smile:


Happy B-Day!
From halfpint and my self.



Happy birthday Nate.

FYI: MAG-10 does not mix weel with anything, take it straight.



You told me you were 25! :wink:

Happy birthday, Nate Green.
It's such a privilege to witness it all.

Hibler - don't try any monkey business!


Happy 21st man!

Rip it up.

Have a ball.

I just hope you can remember how good a time you're having tomorrow :).


So you think a 3 year difference is too much of a gap for me to experience "The Nate Green Experience."

Happy birthday man.