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Happy B-Day Dwarf!

and many, many more!

Happy birthday ID!

Did the Fam take you out for some needed R&R?

get together with the fan club?

get your freak on with the missus?

did your brothers come out to see ya?

Happy Birthday ID! Have a good one!

Happy Birthday soopa old man.

Happy Birthday!

I found a video of ID training. Epic. Happy birthday man.

Despite your continued insistence that I am a racist, I wish you a happy birthday regardless. I mean, you’re white… I’m obligated to wish you prosperity and triumph.


I guess I’ll repost your cake.

I would type happy birthday but I don’t want to.

I will just ramble about the first time I met Iron Dwarf.

I was he streets of london durin 1627…

Eh fuck I’m sober I can’t do this

I will finish it Saturday night…

Iron dwarf is eating at all the resturants today for free

Kids get free meals on their birthdays

His wife is walking him around posing as his mom saying he’s just an mature looking 7 year old


Oh man… some of you!

Thanks everyone!

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Happy b-day broham!

Happy Birfday Brother!

Happy Birthday!