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Happy B-Day Charles Staley

OK so it’s my boss man’s bday on the 13th. He says he is taking the day off-that he has “really important” things to do. Between you and me I kind of heard that “Antiques Roadshow” is in town and I know he is itching to find out what his Brady Bunch lunch box collection is worth.

Anyway- leave great BDAY greetings here for Charles in the form of a poem, EDT praise or whatever (this is my gift to him so work at it a little will ya?? :slight_smile: )

Best 5 of the lot will get an email from me on the 14th and I will send you a
prize pack .-Jules

Happy birthday, Charles! You are the best!
Remember that contest where I beat all the rest?
I learned so much that summer training with you
I gained confidence in the gym, felt I knew just what to do
You’re so down-to-earth and give great advice
Not only that, but you are really quite nice!
Since working with you I’ve continued to progress
I’m getting stronger and faster and look good in a dress
You helped me develop a solid foundation
You should know I’m very grateful to both you and T-Nation!


Chuck Staley Birthday
He created EDT
We all wish him well

Happy Birthday, Charles! Hope you enjoyed the Hiaku.

Happy birthday, Charles.

Smile, this is the youngest you’ll ever be again!

Thanks you 3 for playing along. Pm me an email address and I will send eprize pack-Jules