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Happy (American) Thanksgiving, y'all!

I hope you have a great day, whether hunkering down under covid precautions or living it up. What are a couple things you’re thankful for?

I’ll start - the great community here (really, really) and the scent of turkey and cornbread stuffing baking in the oven!


I’m just glad to be here. :+1:

Me and the wife are communicating and getting along pretty well.

Kiddo is happy and healthy. We keep having to get him new shoes and stuff every few months it seems.

  1. My family is happy and healthy- enough said
  2. We have family friends that seem to genuinely derive pleasure from helping us. They bring us food, help us with handiwork and spend time with us on a regular basis despite the fact that the husband lost his job and they have to take care of his mother, who is bipolar, diabetic and has severe alzheimers
    @SkyzykS these are the rib ppl
  3. My research advisor- First, this guy agreed to work with me despite recovering from major surgery. Second, he’s incredibly generous with his time. We have 90 min meetings, 1/2 of which are spent talking about random stuff. Third, he does work that technically I should be doing
  4. My Diff Eq professor- I went from avoiding math to actually liking it because of him
  5. For the first time, I’m doing groupwork with ppl who actually give a shit
  1. Family is all healthy and well, including the old ass in-laws
  2. Since I’ve been working from home my relationship with my wife has become 100% better due to 2 reasons. No misunderstandings due to the robot way I word texts, and so much mid-day sex.
  3. My son is home from college for a couple of months. He’s the first one to leave the nest and it was difficult on everyone.